A Girl called Annie

"but you can call me whatever you want..."

March 23, 2007

March 07, 2007

A part of her you were...and it will be you who will carry her on...

until the end of time.

Winter days were too cold for her and in the summer sun she will sit forever. In your dreams she will look up at you, sitting on the warm sand... and you will wake up remembering her smile.

You will know that she will be with you forever.

It just seems impossible to think of a world without her...and so many were touched by her, that it has become truly impossible to live in a world where she will not continue to go on...

And she will go on...and you will too....hand in hand.

She is with you forever, because you are a part of her and she a part of you....

Dedicated to my best friend in the whole
wide world...Sarah. I love you.

January 23, 2007

Girls' Night Out in Lil' Italy!

It was so nice seeing you girlies this past weekend! Janice and Momes, you really just need to move to Toronto!!! Miss you girls!


January 02, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

We went up to London to spend New Years with our friends Jorge and Brie. Sue and Frank were great for hosting a potluck dinner for everyone at their place. First time I played a drinking game (I know I'm almost 25...quite sad). Lots of fun though! Thanks again Jorge for letting us stay at your place with you guys..and thanks to Brie for introducing us to some really great people! Happy New Year to everyone! xoxoxo

December 29, 2006

Current Song...

"Near Fantastica"

Matthew Good

The pink pills are for your sanity
We are buried in the earth because we cant beat gravity
You are still here and so made to figure
You are an important part of the computer

Born of the sea, blink
The sea is dead
Falls out of me these sockets in my head
Everyones a captain baby, ship of fools
Drowning while theyre telling you its been all right

Dream the dream of your attrition
The nameless name of your condition
It will be needing you a little while longer
You are an important part of the computer

After this mission it will let you go
Help you to forget everything and everyone you know
In a wold of captains baby, ship of fools
Dont you know theyre lying when theyre telling you its been all right?

December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006

Ian and I spent Christmas Eve with my family and some family friends and on Christmas Day we went up to Guelph and spent the day and night with his family! It was a wonderful Christmas...and it was special because it was mine and Ian's first Christmas together in our new apartment...opening gifts on Christmas morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!